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Jeff Bunting. After being in E-Commerce for over 6 years now, consistently selling over $1,000,000/ month online with zero ads and zero inventory, Jeff’s hungrier than ever to create something bigger than himself which is why he created Ecom Kingz.


Jeffrey Bunting is an e-commerce veteran, having 6 years of seasoned experience with eBay dropshipping, Shopify, and now Amazon FBA. Although surpassing numerous goals and teaching hundreds of successful e-commerce students himself, he still considers himself a student of the game. Always learning and looking to do bigger and better things, Jeffrey is striving to create the world’s largest and most efficient e-commerce education business.


Nick “Nick Fitz” FitzGerald a former US Army Soldier now turned business warrior is a competitive business owner, consultant, and operations expert. After his commitment to the United States Army and his 5 years of service, he started his journey in the fitness industry where he combined his passion for business and fitness into one, successfully opening gyms around the world. In just 1 year his vision to positively impact the world grew larger and stronger and he wanted to reach people in all aspects of business. He quickly discovered the power of the internet, became an ecom genius, and was able to help others on a a global level reach their own financial goals. The 29 year old has developed and applied the skills to successfully be an 8-figure business owner, a leader to many, and work with the top influencer brands of today. He's a family man, a business man, and an inspirational man.



As a former engineering student and network administrator, Chris was following the traditional path most people take by earning a degree and finding a job. It wasn’t until he discovered the power of e-commerce, that he saw how he could be the only one in his family to excel as an entrepreneur. With no prior experience he quickly mastered the skills to build a 7 figure eBay and Amazon business and taught hundreds of students how to successfully build their first online business. Chris’ passion for learning and teaching others allowed him to build multiple businesses grossing millions of dollars at the age of 26 and build relationships with some of the top influencers in the e-commerce space. His verve for helping others and drive to grow as entrepreneur is seen through his success. Chris continues to be a coach and mentor and always strives to set the bar higher for himself.

How It Works

If you’re ready to get started but don’t have the time or the know how to get up and running yourself, we’ve got you covered. We offer our DNA Program to teach you the ins and outs of selling online. We also offer a few times a year a live class where you can live from us live. Don’t have time and want to skip learning the process all together? For some, building an e-commerce empire simply demands more time than they can give. Why not have our own team build and manage your entire business for you.

DNA Program

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Live Classes

(3 times a year)

Automation Service


June 27-28
FBA In Person
25 Seats
July 25-26
Online Dropshipping
25 Seats
August 1-2
In Person FBA
25 Seats
August 17-18
25 Seats
September 26-27
In Person FBA
25 Seats
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